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Author archive for TJCII

  • The Board of Director of MJBI Endorses the 7 Affirmations

      I vividly recall a conversation that I had with my father when I was nine or ten years old.…

  • An Episcopal Priest Supports the 7 Affirmations

      Toward Jerusalem Council II is an initiative of reconciliation within the Body of Christ (Messiah) between Jewish and Gentile…

  • A Messianic Theologian’s Perspective of the 7 Affirmations

      Some years ago, the Leadership Council of Toward Jerusalem Council II created a document of commitments that denominations, streams,…

  • 7 Affirmations to Overcome Division in the Church

      In two weeks, we will begin a short series to reintroduce the TJCII 7 Affirmations. These 7 Affirmations are leading…

  • A Jewish Stumbling Block

    What about the FIRST Jerusalem Council? Sure-fire way to get a blank look? Mention the first Jerusalem Council.  The title from Acts…

  • Why The Olive Branch?

    In Romans 11, Rabbi Shaul(Apostle Paul) used the olive tree to summarize God’s work in history – past, present and…