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TJCII Israel – A Home Away From Home

TJCII Israel – A Home Away From Home
October 8, 2018 dominick

In October 2016, TJCII’s Executive Leadership decided to open a TJCII office in Jerusalem to serve the administrative needs of the Israel Committee. The office officially opened on March 1st, 2017.  It is located in the pastoral suite of the King of Kings Assembly in the center of Jerusalem. The office is managed by Bracha who recently immigrated to Israel from Dallas, Texas, where she served TJCII as an intercessor and as worship leader of Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue for many years.

The strategic move to establish a TJCII office in the historic birthplace of the church has been fruitful.  The TJCII initiative has expanded within Israel and has impacted Christians visiting Israel from the nations.   

Two major achievements were accomplished during the first year: the translation of the TJCII Vision booklet into Hebrew which was distributed to Israeli Messianic leaders, and the development of an Israeli intercessory prayer group that represents the one new man described by Shaul (Paul) in Ephesians 2:15. 

During the second year, TJCII Israel developed new relationships with Christians visiting from the nations who wanted to build bridges to connect with the Israeli Messianic Jewish community, and to pray for the healing and unity of the body of Messiah (Christ).  Some of the individuals who caught the vision returned to their home nations and shared it with their pastors and prayer groups. 

Recently, the reception of international TJCII volunteers has emerged as an essential activity of TJCII Israel.  We extend a warm welcome to our TJCII family from the Nations and provide valuable information about the work of TJCII in Israel.

If you have plans to visit Jerusalem, please visit our office or join one of our TJCII prayer meetings in the city of the Great King!

By: Bracha Cale

Bracha Cale is the Administrator of TJCII Israel Office and the Director of Resource Development for TJCII’s Corporate Office in Dallas, Texas.  She has been an intercessor for the leaders of TJCII since 2001.  She currently organizes TJCII’s monthly prayer group in Jerusalem.  Bracha has her own worship ministry, called Miryam’s Well, which serves the Israeli prayer houses 24/7, congregations and women’s retreats, and reaches out to the nations at International gatherings. Bracha is married, a mother of two grown children, and resides in Judea.





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